Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards

The Critical-Chains Advisory Boards benefits from the knowledge and experience of members of two Advisory Boards as follows:

Ethical Advisory Board

The Ethical Advisory Board is comprised of three members

Dr Rozemarijn Van der Hilst-Yretland, Dr Gurd Grübler and Dr Julian Stubbe

The highly valued complementary expertise and experience of our EAB members enables them to advise the Consortium on all relevant ELSI issues including legal data protection compliance assurance, ethically and socially reflective innovation and in particular the ethical, legal and social impacts of disruptive technologies such as AI, Data Science and Blockchain.

Technical Advisory Board

Additionally, the Technical Advisory Board members constitute a multi-disciplinary team which includes Prof. Dr Kaziyuku Aihara, Tokyo University, Japan, Prof Dr Rass Stefan, Universitaet Klagenfurt, Austria and Thomas Rossi who is an acknowledged expert in Fintech and Blockchain Industry.  The Advisory Board expertise will help ensure socially technical robust and legally conformant innovation implementation with global impact.