The Critical-Chains Mission is to deliver:

A novel triangular accountability model and integrated framework supporting accountable, effective, accessible, fast, secure and privacy-preserving financial contracts and transactions to protect against illicit transactions, illegal money trafficking and fraud on FinTech e-operations.

This is an innovative cloud-based “X-as-a Service” solution stack including several layers:

1) Data integrity checking by involving financial institutions in the distributed Blockchain network;

2) Transaction and financial data flows analytics, modelling and mining;

3) Threat Intelligence & Predictive Modelling for Inter-Banks and Internet Banking, insurance and financial market infrastructures;

4) Multilateral Biometric-based and Role-based Authorisation & Authentication;

5) Hardware Security Module (HSM) enabled Cyber-Physical Security, embedded systems & IoT security for secure access using Security-Privacy-Contexts Semantic Modelling;

6) Secure and smart use of Blockchain based on keyless signature infrastructure and hybrid (a)symmetric cryptography utilising truly random key generation.