Partner 7:

Stichting IMEC Nederland

Relevant Expertise

Imec Netherlands is an independent research centre and together with TNO is one of the pillars in the Holst Centre. Its research focuses on the next generation of wireless autonomous transducer solutions. Imec Netherlands research bridges the gap between fundamental research at universities and technology development in industry.

Imec Netherlands is an “international centre of excellence”, to reinforce the local industry, and to collaborate intensively with local universities. Imec Netherlands integrates key building blocks to realise solutions for the future deployment of autonomous wireless transducer networks. Key application areas are targeted from potential user domains such as medical and lifestyle, industrial process monitoring & control, agriculture, mobile gaming, automotive, home and industrial buildings, transportation/logistics/asset management.

IMEC has a very extensive and growing patent portfolio which covers process technology exploration, ultra‐low power communication, components such as ADCs, amplifiers, systems, energy scavenging, sensors, microfluidics and algorithms. Such IC-level solutions have a pioneering role in new generation IoT technologies.


IMEC will contribute to effective IoT communication and connectivity by applying IC-level Bluetooth Low Energy solution; IMEC also contributes to other aspects of the project such as requirements engineering, system integration and evaluation.

Responsible Staff

Ing. Gert-Jan van Schaik, Prof. Dr. Guido Dolmans