Partner 9:

Joanneum Research

Relevant Expertise

Joanneum Research is a professional leader of innovation and provider of technology with a track record of 30 years of cutting-edge research performed on an international scale. The Competence Group for Cyber Security and Defence comprises a team of experienced software engineers together with experts in information and network security. They are specialised in security models for critical infrastructures and the development of tools that increase cyber defence capabilities.

Joanneum Research (JR) can draw on their experience in risk analysis and security modelling for critical infrastructures in domains ranging from industrial control systems to smart buildings, from energy systems to smart mobility. Recent research targets are effective machine learning methods for the detection of cyber-attacks – AI for cyber security at runtime – and methods for formal verification and testing for cyber security by design.


JR lead the requirements engineering, and contribute to security-privacy semantic modelling including formal verification methods; the framework architecture specification, machine learning methods for anomaly detection to trigger context-aware alerting and blacklisting.

JR also contributes to other aspects of the project such system integration and evaluation.

Responsible Staff

Christian Derler, Dr Ralph Ankele, Dr Branka Stojanovic