Partner 3:

Ergunler Insaat Petrol Urunleri Otomotiv Tekstil Madencilik Su Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited STI

Relevant Expertise

ERARGE is a research-oriented SME since 1975. The core research team has 3 PHDs, 2 academicians, 18 researchers working on information technologies, cryptography, chaos theory, IoT, VLSI Design, blockchain industry, machine learning, smart cards, hardware security modules, augmented reality, image processing and computer vision, embedded design, simulation technologies, trusted electronics, automation solutions, biometrics and privacy preservation.

The ERARGE core competence areas are closely related to cyber-physical security needs of critical infrastructures. The Company’s recent partnerships and projects are based on design and implementation of hardware-based solutions for the security of municipal infrastructures such as data centres, financial entities, SCADA systems in public buildings, water utilities, urban transportation infrastructures, UAVs,


ERARGE leads the research and innovation in the areas of AUTHaaS, Hardware Security Module (HSM, PRIGM) that will be integrated within the main framework used in HwSaaS for detecting eavesdropping or manipulative attacks that may target the stored or moving data between nodes, FMaaS and also contributes to other aspects of the project such as requirements engineering, system integration and evaluation.

Responsible Staff

Dr. Alper Kanak, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih Ergün