By Amara Thornton (Research Officer, Ure Museum)

Born in New Zealand, Caroline Amy Hutton attended Girton College, Cambridge and studied Classics in the early 1880s.  Like her contemporary at Girton Eugenie Sellers Strong and near-contemporary Jane Ellen Harrison (Newnham), Hutton gave lectures at the British Museum on its antiquities collections after finishing her studies. She was admitted as a student to the British School at Athens in the mid 1890s to research terracotta artefacts in museums in Athens, as well as conduct desk-based topographical research.

On her return to Britain, in 1899 Macmillan published her book Greek Terracotta StatuettesThis introductory guide focused on the British Museum’s collections, and featured an introduction by the Keeper of the Greek & Roman Department Alexander Stuart Murray.  Hutton subsequently took on important administrative roles at both the British School at Athens and the Hellenic Society.

In addition to serving on the Committee of the British School at Athens she became joint-editor of the School’s Annual. She served on the Hellenic Society as a member of its Council, and her work there included sustaining the Society’s administration and library particularly during the First World War – for which she was particularly remembered at her death. Her war work also included joining her Hellenic Society colleague John Baker-Penoyre as Hon Secretary of “Sweaters”, his organisation for collecting knitted goods to send to serving soldiers.

She continued to research and publish on Greek antiquities for the rest of her life.

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