By Amara Thornton (Research Officer, Ure Museum)

Preliminiary information on the Ure Museum’s archive holdings can be found below.  For more information or research access enquiries, please email

Notebook from Ronald Burrows excavations at Dilisi and Mykalessos, continued by Percy Ure, 1907-1908 (Ure Museum archives).

The Ure Museum archives include items relating to a variety of themes and histories, and comprise personal and professional correspondence, photographs, excavation records, research notes and notebooks, conservation reports, ephemera, audio files and offprints.  These include:

  • Correspondence of international archaeologists working predominantly on Greek material or conducting excavations/museum work in Greece (c. 1900s-1970s)
  • The excavation records (including notebooks, correspondence, and photographs) of Percy Ure and Ronald Burrows’ excavations at Rhitsona (1905-1909) and Percy Ure and Annie Ure’s excavations at Rhitsona (1921-22)
  • Correspondence from Percy Ure’s travels in Europe (c. 1907-14)
  • Correspondence with international museum curators relating primarily to collections of Greek ceramics (c 1920s-1970s)
  • Photographs of Greek ceramics from a wide range of museum collections
  • Notebooks of museum research and display in various European museums (c. 1910s-1960s)
  • Reports and correspondence relating to the history of the archaeological collections at the University of Reading
  • Paperwork relating to the acquisition of archaeological artefacts for the Museum of Greek Archaeology through donation and purchase (c 1910s-1970s), including receipts, accounts and correspondence
  • Historic artefact catalogues and labels from the Museum of Greek Archaeology
  • Museum administration and records relating to research requests