With huge caseloads and stretched budgets, it is harder than ever for GPs to keep abreast of the latest developments through traditional routes, such as conferences and journals. This project offered a 21st century solution to support family doctors to stay up to date.

Via a Knowledge Exchange Partnership (KTP) employing Blessing Mbipom, the cross-disciplinary team worked with on-campus company Red Whale. The company delivers ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) to primary care clinicians. The goal was to evolve their offering by creating innovative and engaging digital solutions for ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning, informed by GPs themselves.

The new resources were aimed at professionals across the multidisciplinary workforce, and ranged from ‘QuickDip’ microlessons, to ‘Deep Dive Masterclasses’ on difficult topics. Short emailed ‘Pearls’ of the latest evidence kept subscribers up to date. Webinars were delivered with engaging graphic elements and humour. And the resources employed the very best digital tools such as online chat, quizzes and real-time signposting for further reading to keep things interactive.

The new materials which have won an international award, doubled user engagement in a single year, and half of all UK GPs accessed it. This new approach to CPD has meant Red Whale could respond to the pandemic situation with over 3,000 attendees accessing the ‘Remote Consulting Survival Webinar’.

In partnership with Red Whale, Reading.

Funded by Innovate UK, KTP

Shortlisted for the University Research Engagement and Impact Awards 2020

First published: June 2020