EIT Food Summer School 2018


Congratulations to Dr Ese Omoarukhe and Dr Jing Guo (Sarah) from IFNH and Lorna White from Food Nutritional Sciences, who have been selected to attend EIT Food Summer School 2018.

They will be funded by EIT to attend the Summer School, which is based around the theme of Digital Food Supply Chains this year. It takes place in Belfast from the 7th to the 14th September 2018.

Dr Ese Omoarukhe works on several projects focusing on contemporary key issues affecting consumers and the food industry. These projects involve communication, (e.g. food trends and emerging technologies, education (e.g. consumer trust and emerging ingredients) and innovation (e.g. food waste reduction and valorisation).

Dr Sarah Jing Guo works on the association between diet or nutrients and chronic disease risk. Her current research focus includes the role of animal-derived foods as dietary sources of vitamin D, and also the impact of dairy products on human health (e.g. cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and risk of fractures).

Lorna White is completing her masters at the University of Reading and is focused on investigating the impact of iron supplements on the gut bacteria using gut models.  Coming from a consulting background, she is keen to use her consulting skills to address complex food problems, particularly related to nutrition, sport and exercise, sustainability and technology in the food system.

Dr Omoarukhe, Dr Guo and Lorna White will make a structured pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors, who will provide feedback on making the ideas commercially and environmentally viable. Those taking part will be mentored throughout, with the possibility of further coaching on business model development afterwards as well.