IFNH comments in Newsweek and the Guardian

Comments from director of the IFNH Professor Ian Givens have been featured in two leading news outlets.

An article in Newsweek investigating whether eating three portions of dairy a day could have an impact on the risk of heart disease has quoted Professor Givens in response to a study published in The Lancet, which suggested that eating moderate amounts of dairy products may contribute towards reducing the risk of developing a stroke or heart disease – even if they are full-fat.

While he was not involved in the study directly, Professor Givens commented: “The study will add to the suggestion that dietary guidelines should consider foods as well as nutrients.It also adds weight to the evidence that saturated fats from dairy [probably apart from butter] are not associated with increased cardiovascular disease risk, unlike some other sources.”

Meanwhile national newspaper the Guardian published a story investigating the same study in The Lancet, which quotes Professor Givens advocating more food-based guidance; “The findings back up other evidence that “there is not one simple relationship between consuming saturated fat and risk of CVD [cardiovascular disease] – the food vehicle delivering the fat can have a key influence. The results of this study suggest that saturated fat from whole-fat milk, yoghurt and hard cheese has very limited, if any, impact on CVD risk.”