bacon University of Reading Food expert

A University of Reading food expert has been quoted by national media outlets responding to a review of studies on the risks of eating too much processed meat.

Dr Gunter Kuhnle from the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading had his comments published in the BBC and the Independent.

He was not linked to the review of studies, which suggested that women eating high levels of processed meat had a possible increased risk of developing breast cancer, compared to those eating very little or none.

In his comments to the BBC, Dr Kuhnle said it was “questionable” whether guidelines for intake of processed meat should change in response and that the risk was relevant on a population level rather than an individual one.

However he recommended the findings were followed up by further research into the possible link between processed meat and cancer.

Read the full article on the BBC here.

Meanwhile in his comments to the Independent, he said the findings of the review seemed robust, but he added it wasn’t clear yet whether guidelines for a weekly limit on process meat consumption should be lowered from 70g in response just yet.

Read the full article on the Independent here.