More than 120 leading British scientists, including Professor of Food Microbiology, Glenn R Gibson and experts at University of Reading urged ministers to probe the gut link and consider promoting a balanced diet to protect against COVID-19.

”COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems that are unable to fight back against the vicious virus.

The gut microbiome and diet are linked to immune system function, as well as heart health and lowering the risk of developing diabetes – both of which are risk factors for COVID-19.

There is also growing evidence people with risk factors linked to inflammation – also linked with an unhealthy gut microbiome – may have worse outcomes if they contract COVID-19.

A healthy gut is achieved through eating a balanced and varied diet rich in leafy vegetables and fruit, and eating enough probiotics and prebiotics – which stimulate ‘good’ gut bacteria that keep the digestive system healthy, according to the scientists.”

The article was published by Connor Boyd Health Reporter For Mailonline

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