Dr Simona Grasso, Senior Research Fellow at the IFNH was one of only 14 abstracts selected among 130 applications to do a 10 min presentation as part of the Early Career Research Seminar organised by EUROSENSE 2020.

Simona’s presentation was on hybrid meat products and it was a multi-disciplinary effort as it included a linguistic analysis carried out by another UoR academic, Dr Sylvia Jaworska, from the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics.

Hybrid meat products contain both meat and plant-based ingredients and can represent an alternative way to lower meat consumption or to transition to a more plant-based diet. They offer the advantage of tasting and looking like regular meat products, but the plant-based ingredients are useful to add not only flavour and juiciness but also extra nutrients such as fibre.

This work has recently been published and can be accessed freely here: