We are delighted to announce that the IFNH will hold a series of Lunchtime Seminars showcasing new developments in food, nutrition and health and ongoing research projects across the University.

The first seminar ‘Friends in low places: An A-Z of gut microbiology’, presented by Professor Glenn Gibson, will take place via Microsoft Teams on Friday 19th February at 13.00 – 14.00.


The human gut is now seen to be pivotal in influencing health and wellbeing. Much of this is driven by the complex collection of bacteria that reside in the intestinal tract, known as the microbiota. There is accumulating evidence that gut bacteria are involved in the pathogenesis of many digestive disorders but on the contrary can positively influence health. One way of controlling this is to target components of the microbiota that are positive for health and repress the more negative entities. Prebiotics are being researched for the effect.  In the drive to find the cause of gut disorders or new effective therapies, healthcare workers and patients are increasingly expanding the current treatment base to obtain better symptom control.

This presentation will give an A-Z guide* to the gut microbiome. It will include study results, gut microbiology facts, stories behind the research and future prospects (*if you are wondering, J and K are the most difficult letters to fill). As with any microbiology talk these days there will be a bit of COVID relevance