We would like to thank all the ECRs and PhD students who attended the Statistics and R training workshops conducted by Dr Shikta Das on 22nd -23rd and 26th -27th July. The workshops were a real success with participation of over 100 attendees for each session, including PhD students from the Malaysia campus.

The student feedback was very positive and they really enjoyed Shikta’s high energy, enthusiasm and engagement with the students – she has an amazing ability to build relationships with the students during the sessions.

The workshops were very beneficial, and it will be a great support in their day-to-day work.

Professor Vimal Karani, Deputy Director for the IFNH said:

“Thanks Dr Shikta Das for conducting a 4-day workshop on Introduction to Statistics and R for our students and academics at the University of Reading. Thank you for making the workshop so lively and interesting! I would certainly recommend this as a very useful course for those who are beginning to learn statistical data analysis using R package.”

Dr Shikta Das said:

“I absolutely loved presenting the 4-day Statistics workshop to your students. They were the most engaging students I have had in a while.”

Great feedback from our ECRs and PhD students:

“Having a good grasp on statistics is essential for a confident approach to research, but it can be hard to find the motivation and reliable resources. The sessions provided by the IFNH were wide reaching and relevant; particularly with the introduction to R, helping to keep our analysis skills contemporary. Thank you to the IFNH for¬†investing in our training and nurturing PhD’s and ECR’s to be well-rounded researchers.”¬†

Dr Rachel Smith, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences

“I totally enjoyed and learned a lot during the IFNH Statistics Workshop. This has been a fantastic 4-day workshop covering the most common Statistical Analysis techniques as well as how these can be performed in R package. The presenter Dr Das Shikta is very passionate and knowledgeable. She was extremely informative, relaxed and she was great answering all questions. Thanks a million to IFNH for organising! “

Dr. Athanasios Koutsos, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences