A Virtual Issue of the Nutrition Bulletin has been published which draws together more than 20 papers published in the journal over the past 10 years related to research funded by the UK research councils’ Diet Research and Industry Club (DRINC). DRINC was first established in 2008 and the final projects funded under the programme are now coming to an end. A key aim of DRINC was to support high-quality, innovative, basic research within UK universities and institutes within a consortium of leading food and drink companies.

As can be seen in this special edition of Nutrition Bulletin, the University of Reading was very active in DRINC and contains papers from Drs Myriam Grundy (now with INRAE) and Charlotte Mills along with Professors Parveen Yaqoob, Julie Lovegrove and Ian Givens. Their papers cover a wide range of topics from saturated fats in dairy foods to the impact of probiotics on the immune response to influenza vaccination. In addition many of the other papers will be of interest to us at Reading including topics relating to vitamin D, plant bioactives, resistant starch and interesterified fats.