The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) with the global mandate of genetic improvement of some crops particularly sorghum, millet, groundnut among others, has introduced to processors in the grain processing environment, a new sorghum composite for household’s nutrition and income generation.

Speaking to newsmen during a press conference held at the ICRISAT secretariat in Kano State, outgoing country representative of ICRISAT, Dr Hakeem Ayinde Ajeigbe, stated that the newly adopted technology in the production of the sorghum composite will assist food producers in the processing of sorghum to produce assorted foods that were initially only made using wheat flour, as well as in effectively putting some crops into more diversified usage.

According to him, it is equally important for farmers to produce good food varieties as well as to eat healthy because it is high in fiber and contains the needed ions since it goes through scientific bio-fortification processes.

In his address, incoming country representative of ICRISAT, Dr Ijantiku Ignatius Angarawai, revealed that the composite sorghum flour is an outcome of collaboration between ICRISAT and University of Reading UK. He explained that talks are already ongoing with some foreign investors who have shown interest in investing in large-scale production of the composite sorghum flour.

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