The Society of Chemical Industry and the British Society of Animal Science have teamed up to organise a full-day in-person event in London titled: “Healthy and sustainable diets: The role of animal-derived foods”, which will take place in SCI Headquarters in central London.

The University of Reading will be represented by Professor Ian Givens, Director IFNH and Professor Sokratis Stergiadis, Animal Sciences, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development.

Animal-derived foods (milk and dairy, meat, fish and eggs) offer primary sources of essential nutrients some of which are not readily available in plant-based foods. These foods play an important role across every stage of life, including childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation, and older age.

This event will address issues around the role of, and the balance between, animal-derived foods and plant-based alternatives in human diets and provide evidence on how we can develop and promote healthy, sustainable, and accessible diets for different consumer demographics and dietary patterns.

The early bird offer deadline for prices  from £90  is 6th November. 

The event will take place on Tuesday 5th December at 10.00 – 16.30 in London 14/15 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PS. For registration and more information please visit the event page