Group Members

Group Leaders

Dr Claire Ryder

Associate Professor/NERC Independent Research Fellow

Dr Laura Wilcox

Associate Professor

Professor Nicolas Bellouin

Professor in Climate Processes

Professor William Collins

Professor in Climate Processes

We also work closely with other academic members of the Atmospheric Composition, Radiation and Climate Research Group and other academics within the Department of Meteorology.

Postdoctoral Research Assistants





Dr Andrea Dittus

Securing Multidisciplinary UndeRstanding and Prediction of Hiatus and Surge events (SMURPHS)

Dr Jon Elsey

Metrology for Aerosol OPtical Properties (MAPP)

Dr Ella Gilbert

Advancing the Science for Aviation and Climate (ACACIA)


PhD students

We welcome students interested in all aspects of aerosol interactions with radiation, clouds and climate. Please contact us, or see the Department of Meteorology PhD Programmes page.

Max Coleman

Climate Response to Short-lived Pollutants (CReSP), supervised by Prof Bill Collins, Prof Keith Shine & Prof Nicolas Bellouin

Michael Lai

Understanding the impact of Anthropogenic aerosol emissions on north atlantic mulidecadal variability, supervised by Dr Laura Wilcox

Natalie Ratcliffe

Using aircraft observations of mineral dust to improve undertstanding and modelling of dust transport and deposition processes, supervised by Dr Claire Ryder and Prof Nicolas Bellouin

Previous Group Members

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