How do I apply for Scenario DTP?

Applications are made through our online portal, Good Grants.

You’ll find a step-by-step guide to the application process in these Application Flow Charts:

Scenario DTP Project Applications – Process Flow

Scenario DTP BAME Scholarship – Process Flow

What is the deadline for applying for Scenario DTP studentship / Scholarship ? 

The Application Deadline: Friday 12 January, 2024

What type of programs are offered by Scenario DTP? 

There are two programs offered

  • Project-led: apply for up to 4 Scenario projects per applicant. 
  • Scenario Scholarships for Home students from Black, Asian or Minoritized Ethnic Backgrounds: Our aim is to improve ethnic diversity within the Scenario DTP and we are committed to supporting students from Black, Asian, or Minoritized Ethnic (BAME) communities that are currently under-represented.  We will award up to 2 Scholarships.

How many projects are offered ?

For Autumn 2024 we are offering 48 studentships programs to choose from. 

Please follow link for project details 

How many projects can I apply for? 

You can apply for up to 4 projects.

Can I apply for BAME (Black Asian Ethnic Minority) scholarship with a studentship? 

Yes, you can apply for both but this is eligible for Home students only.

How do I know if I qualify as an international student or Home student ? 

Information about whether you qualify as a Home or International student can be found on the UKRI webpage EU and international eligibility for UKRI studentships.

Can international students apply for Scenario DTP studentship / scholarships? 

Yes, International students can only apply for project studentship;   the BAME scholarship is not applicable for international students.

How many studentship and / or scholarships offered? 

Scenario DTP offer around 15 studentships and scholarships to successful candidates

When will the interview take place? 

  • Interviews will take place between 7th-14th February, 2024
  • Interviews on 7th-February, 2024 will be in person at University of Reading.
  • BAME interviews will take place by 21st February, 2024

When will we know if we are granted the studentship and / or scholarship?

The Scenario Selection Board will meet in early March and we will let you know the outcome of the interviews by 08th March, 2024. NERC Universal Acceptance Deadline is Wednesday 20 March 2024.

What is the funding amount paid to successful students? 

Our studentships comprise:

  • stipend – a tax-free maintenance grant, which is £18,622 (full time equivalent for) 2023-24
  • university fees, for both home and international students
  • a Research Training and Support budget to cover costs such as conferences, workshops and equipment.

How long is the Scenario DTP program for ?

Project-led studentships are initially offered for 3 years.  Scenario Scholarships for BAME Home Students are initially offered for 3 years, 3 months.

Can the time to complete PhD be extended?

If at the start of the studentship a gap in knowledge or training is identified for the specific project, the studentship can be extended to 3.5 years at that point.  Towards the end of the PhD, there is the opportunity to apply for an extension, based on set criteria. The maximum duration of funding is 4 years.

Is it possible to study for a Scenario PhD on a part-time basis.

Yes part time option is available, this is subjective to Supervisor acceptance.

Please refer to Apply for Scenario DTP  for more details