What is Scenario DTP 

Scenario DTP is a doctoral training partnership in the science of the environment

Who funds Scenario DTP? 

Scenario DTP is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Does Scenario DTP have other strategic partners ? 

Scenario DTP  works with partners in industry and the public sector to deliver answers to important, societally driven, environmental questions and focuses on research stemming from collaborative working on PhD projects.

Who are the partners of Scenario DTP? 

Host partners are –

Other Partners are –

Strategic Partners are –

In addition to the host partners within the UK, there are two International partners which offer exciting internship & training opportunities:

Please follow link Partners / Alliances for more details

What science themes covered by Scenario DTP? 

All SCENARIO PhD projects are aligned within one or more of our seven science themes:
    1. Climate and climate change on global, regional and local scales
    2. Weather and natural hazards, extreme events and impacts
    3. Hydrological cycle and processes
    4. Applied ecology and biodiversity
    5. Biogeochemical cycles
    6. Earth observation, remote sensing and near-Earth space
    7. Infrastructure systems and two-way link with the environment

Please follow link to Science themes for more information

How many students are funded by NERC? 

NERC are fully funding 65 PhD studentships (12 per year, for 5 years) plus an additional 5 for Cohort 10. We aim to increase the student cohort with co-sponsorship.