How do I know if I qualify as a home student ? 

To be classed as a home student, candidates must meet the following criteria:
• Be a UK National (meeting residency requirements), or
• Have settled status, or
• Have pre-settled status (meeting residency requirements), or
• Have indefinite leave to remain or enter

Information about whether you qualify as a Home or International student can be found on the UKRI webpage EU and international eligibility for UKRI studentships.

What degree is needed to be eligible to apply for Scenario DTP studentship and / or scholarship? 

1st or upper 2nd class degree is required in a subject appropriate to the PhD projects applied for. Candidates with a lower class of Bachelors degree, but a good performance at the Masters level (“merit” or above) will also be considered.

Are there any other academic options that will be considered? 

We will also consider candidates with different academic paths but with experience acquired from a research position, or equivalent, that is relevant to the topic of the PhD project.

If we are currently studying can be apply? 

It is fine to provide a projected or target grade for your current degree course – offers are then generally made conditional on the class of the degree actually achieved.

Who is eligible for funding ? 

Funding for PhD studentships from NERC is only available to successful candidates who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) harmonized training grant terms and conditions – see Terms and conditions for training funding for more information.

Scenario funding is not open to students who have already started their PhD research.