I grew up constantly aware of the way that humans were impacting the natural world with our actions. When I was younger I heard about all the different research going into trying to quantify and remedy the impact we have on the planet. I decided to do a PhD in environmental sciences because I wanted to contribute to this body or research and because I felt that I had a responsibility as a person to help.

Doing my PhD with Scenario has opened up so many doors to me that would be unavailable were I not part of this DTP. The ability to take part in training organised by ZSL and CEH have advanced my skills as a researcher as well as made me consider different avenues I can explore for my PhD research. Having a conference budget included in my PhD has allowed me to travel and exchange ideas with people in my field that I would otherwise have not had the opportunity to meet.

If you’re the first in your family to do a PhD, like I was, my advice would be to go for it. Being part of Scenario means you’ll be part of a cohort that are going through the exact same things you are! You’ll make friends and form a support network through your cohort and department. Whenever I’m uncertain about something I always approach one of the people in my cohort about and often times they’re struggling with something similar or can help me. You’ll also be surrounded by members of the cohorts ahead of you who were in your shoes a year ago. Having the support of people who’ve stood where you’ve stood is invaluable. And of course the amazing admin and research staff that come with a Scenario PhD!

The Scenario Team have been incredibly supportive during my PhD journey. They have made time in their day to see me and help me when I’ve struggled with my PhD. They’re always quick to answer my questions and provide me with the resources I need. I would not have been able to make it as far in my PhD as I have if it weren’t for their amazing support.