Hi, I’m Rose and I’m currently in my first year of studying for a PhD at the University of Surrey as an associate student of SCENARIO.

My project is about improving the performance of offshore wind farms. To do this I am developing an analytical model to predict the movement of wakes around yawed wind turbines in the different wind conditions that exist throughout each day. I then aim to validate this model by recreating those atmospheric conditions in a wind tunnel and measuring the effect this has on the wakes’ deflection. Ultimately it is hoped that this will improve the performance of wind farms, producing more efficient energy whilst also extending the lifespan of the turbines.

During my time with SCENARIO, I’ve taken a number of training workshops and courses across a range of subjects, including coding and EDI. These have been incredibly helpful towards both my project, and my personal development. I’ve also been able to engage in socials across SCENARIO cohorts while thoroughly enjoying the company of both staff and students. As my studies are based at Surrey, my contact with the group is somewhat less regular, though through my volunteering as a cohort 9 rep I’ve been able to keep engaged with everyone at both Surrey and Reading.

Scenario offers many opportunities for personal development that extends way beyond a standard PhD experience. By engaging with these additional activities, both social and training, I’ve really enjoyed my first year. I can recommend the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out.