Jun 25

Anxiety and Depression in Children and Young People – Information Evening


This free event was hosted by the Anxiety and Depression in Young people (AnDY) clinical research group and their partners from Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BHFT), the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CMWT) and the Centre for Autism (CfA).

Speaker Presentations available to view here

For parents:

Overcoming your child’s fears and worries – An introduction for parents (Brynjar Halldorsson & Frankie Glover (AnDY))

Child anxiety when parent(s) feel anxious too (Pete Lawrence & Helen Dodd (AnDY))

Helping your teenager manage anxiety at school (Polly Waite & Lucinda Powell (AnDY))

Supporting children and young people with autism and anxiety (Fiona Knott (CfA) and Kate Gordon (BHFT))

Helping young people with depression (Caroline Howe & Amy Beesley (BHFT))

Helping children and young people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Alice Farrington & Sasha Waters (BHFT))

For primary school staff:

Supporting Children with Anxiety Problems in school (Cathy Creswell, AnDY)

For secondary school staff:

Whole School Approaches to Mental Health (Teresa Day (CWMT) & Laura Pass (AnDY))


Poster Presentations

For poster presentations please click here.