We are happy to announce speakers in the CeLM Seminar Series for the upcoming year. Please find information below, including the date and time, CeLM theme and location of each talk, along with the speaker and talk title. If you are interested in attending an online talk and are not at the University of Reading, please email Holly Joseph (h.joseph@reading.ac.uk) for a joining link.

12th January, 2023 (1-2pm, Education, online)
Kyaw Win Tun (Lancaster University)
Normalization of English Language and Identity Construction of Refugee Background Youth from Burma/Myanmar in US Schools

7th February, 2023 (1-2pm, Early Career Researchers, online)
Michal Korenar (University of Amsterdam)
Bilingualism as a dynamic, brain-changing experience

9th March, 2023 (1-2pm, Cognition and Neuroscience, in person, Harry Pitt Building, G79)
George Pontikas (University of Reading)
Sentence processing in bilingual children – evidence from eye-tracking

27th April, 2023 (1-2pm, Language and Literacy, online)
Maricarmen Parafita (University of Leiden)
Language and code-mixing

25th May, 2023 (1-2 pm, Health, online)
Vishnu Nair (University of Reading)
Bilingualism and Intersection of Race, Disability and Nation

11th May, 2023 (1-2pm, Education, online)
Kari Sahan (University of Reading)
English as a medium of instruction (EMI)

15th June, 2023 (1-2pm, Language and Literacy, online)
Beverley Jennings (University of Reading)
Adolescent reading habits

17th July, 2023 (tbc) (6-7pm, Health, online)
Betty Yu (San Francisco State University)
Deconstructing bi/multilingualism, social communication, and autistic sociality with a focus on clinical application