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PhD student
School of Psychology and Clinical Languages

About me

My areas of interest are paediatric deafness; Bi-/multilingualism, English as an Additional Language (EAL); language development, cognitive development.

Please click here to learn about my PhD project.

CeLM research I am involved with

A Critical Conundrum: Language and Refugees

On a recent episode of the Discover Reading podcast Dr Tony Capstick, Associate Professor of Language and Migration in the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, joined hosts Chris...Read More >

Professional Advice to Parents on Spoken Language Bilingualism in Deaf Children

By Emily Wright (PhD Student - School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences) There are more than 7000 deaf children in the UK with spoken language bilingualism. These children speak...Read More >

The Impact of Informal Second Language Learning, Motivation and Formal Instruction on EFL Learners’ Spoken Use of Discourse Markers

Join us for a free online talk by Dr Christina Lyrigkou (Open University) on second language learning on February 16th, at 4.00m (UK time). The Impact of Informal Second Language...Read More >

Progression in Primary Languages

Who is running this project? This project is led by Dr Rowena Kasprowicz, Institute of Education, working in partnership with Dr Rachel Hawkes (CAM Academy Trust) and the Association for...Read More >

“Now I Hear What You Say” – How Short EAP Courses Can Foster Successful Academic Interactional Strategies

Join us for a free online talk by Clare Wright (University of Leeds), Anna Tsakalaki (University of Reading) and Mei Lin (University of Newcastle) on English for Academic Purposes on...Read More >

Speech and Language Therapy Done Right is Social Justice Work

Join us for a free online talk by Warda Farah on speech and language therapy and social justice, taking place Tuesday February 1st, at 6.00pm (UK time). Speech and Language...Read More >

Multilingualism and Social Justice

Join us for Multilingualism and Social Justice; our next free online public event on 21st February 2022 from 18:00 - 19:30, for International Mother Language Day. Leading academics from across...Read More >

Forum for Germanic Language Studies

The 15th Forum for Germanic Language Studies biannual conference, hosted by the University of Reading, will take place online from 06-07 January 2022. The conference is open to papers presenting...Read More >

Being Multilingual: Perspectives from Language, Education, Health, Neuroscience and Migration

CeLM Showcase Do multilinguals think about space and time differently in their languages? What is the relationship between language learning and creativity? What happens in the brain when we learn…Read More >

The Multilingual Mind Lecture Series: Jie’en Yee

The Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism is pleased to invite you to an online talk provided by Jia’en Yee (University Putra Malaysia) entitled Multilingualism effects on brain structure. The talk will be…Read More >