Suzanne Graham is Professor of Language and Education at the Institute of Education (University of Reading). She is an expert in language learning strategies, motivation for language learning, reading and listening comprehension in a second language, teacher cognition and second language vocabulary development. Professor Graham agreed to be interviewed by Bilingualism Matters@Reading. Read a short summary about three of her latest research projects below or watch the entire interview on this link.

This was a great opportunity to talk about my research.  All three projects I mention in the clip have been important collaborative ventures.

The first, between Reading’s Institute of Education, School of Psychology and Clinical Languages, and Department of Applied Linguistics, and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, looked at transition from primary to secondary language learning. See

The second, also funded by the Nuffield Foundation, was a collaboration led by the University of Oxford and also including the University of Southampton. It focused on French reading instruction at the start of secondary school.  See

The third, another collaboration with Oxford and also with Cambridge, looks at the relationship between creativity and language learning. For more information go to