Who is running this project?

This project is led by PhD student Debra Page, under the supervision of Professor Ludovica Serratrice in the School for Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences and Dr Naomi Flynn in the Institute of Education.

What is this project about?

This project is an evaluation the Young Interpreter Scheme (YIS). The scheme is an award-winning scheme created by Hampshire Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service – the Collaborative Partner in this project. The project is funded by the ESRC SeNSS. In this interview, my supervisors and I talk about the project and you can read more information in my blogs and on Twitter. The specific mission of the YIS is to facilitate the transition to school for children who are new to English, i.e. novice EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners. Their role is to act as mentors to novice EAL learners in everyday school activities. The scheme has now been adopted throughout the UK in more than 800 primary and secondary schools. This is the first time the successful scheme will be systematically evaluated since it began 10 years ago. The aims are to 1) address the impact of the YIS on educational and linguistic levels (language use, empathy and intercultural awareness) and 2) collect survey information from teachers and other school staff about their experience of the YIS.

This poster was presented at the NALDIC conference in 2019 outlining results from the teacher and staff survey of working with EAL pupils and using the Young Interpreter Scheme. This poster was presented at the 2021 conference showing a new resource, the Young Interpreter Diary, that was created for the scheme.