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Egypt in Britain

  1. Letter from Ronald Burrows to Percy Ure dated 15 June [1911] [Ure Museum]
Ure Museum archive.

Burrows gives instructions to Percy in this letter regarding Percy’s  imminent visit to London. Burrows mentions:

“I should like to go to the Egyptian exhibitions with you on the 26th, Petrie’s and Garstang’s.”

The exhibitions referred to here were antiquities from Flinders and Hilda Petrie’s excavations at Hawara, and antiquities excavated during John Garstang’s second season at Meroe, Sudan.


  1. University College Reading Review from September 1915 [on loan from University of Reading Special Collections]

This magazine printed College news (including donations of ancient artefacts to the College), essays and lectures by members of staff, and alumni updates.  Here, on the left page, a note titled “Address from Egyptian Students” records the receipt of an illustrated address sent to University College Reading from three Egyptian alumni: A. F. El Kattan, J. H. Wali, and Hassan Darweesh.

The address expressed their support for their friends and colleagues in Britain who were fighting in the First World War.  By the time this was printed, Britain had declared Egypt a protectorate, effectively incorporating it formally into the Empire.

  1. Letter from Meta Williams to Percy Ure dated 1 October 1923 [Ure Museum]
Ure Museum archives.

Meta Williams is following up with Percy Ure on the details of the antiquities recently purchased from Liverpool. She draws on the knowledge she had amassed about the collection while she was the Secretary of the Institute of Archaeology at Liverpool.

Learn about Meta Williams in the “Hidden Women” digital exhibition.

Text by Amara Thornton (Research Officer, Ure Museum)

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