Do you work with satellite-derived datasets of physical environmental properties such as SST, stratospheric humidity or AOD?

Have you ever wondered about the true reliability of the datasets that you’re using? Have you ever tried to track down the uncertainties in the data only to hit a dead end or go round in circles? Does your data even have pixel level uncertainties? Have you ever pushed back the thought that NOT knowing this could be a major problem?

We have. We did. And that’s why we set up FIDUCEO.

The FIDUCEO project created new methods to perform Uncertainty analysis informed from the discipline of metrology.
Uncertainty analysys documentation and tutorials have been produced to lead the scientist from understanding initial Uncertainty concepts through to determining the uncertainty effects on their data.
The FIDUCEO team used these methods to produce datasets from Earth Observation using this rigorous treatment of uncertainty.  Specific Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) and Climate Data Records (CDRs), have been produced each with traceable estimates of uncertainty.

FIDUCEO has also produced software tools for reading/writing the data and for performing metrologically rigorous analysis – including ensemble creation.

All data, software tools and learning resources produced during the project are available following the links on this website.

The data are accessible under the Creative Commons licence at CEDA and EUMETSAT and the code used to produce the data is available on Github under GPL licence.