Technical Documents

Technical references

This page displays documents which are related to the technical outputs of the FIDUCEO project. For non-technical project documents (e.g. conference posters etc) see Documents.

Document Author Document type Related dataset 
Uncertainty and Error Correlation Quantification for FIDUCEO “easy-FCDR” Products: Mathematical Recipes Chris Merchant, Emma Woolliams, Jon Mittaz General  
FIDUCEO mathematical notation v1.0 Chris Merchant, Emma Woolliams General  
D2-2a: Principles behind the FCDR effects table Emma Woolliams, Jonathan Mittaz, Chris Merchant and Peter Harris General  
Product user guide – HIRS FCDR release 0.1 Gerrit Holl, Jon Mittaz, Christopher Merchant, Emma Woolliams Dataset specific HIRS pre-Beta
Instrument Noise characterization and the Allan/M-sample variance Jon Mittaz, UREAD General  
FIDUCEO Vocabulary Chris Merchant, Jonathan Mittaz, Emma Woolliams, Rob Roebeling, Yves Govaerts, Tom Block General  
User Requirements Report (D1.1) Gerrit Holl, Chris Merchant, Jon Mittaz, Rhona Phipps General  
D2.2(MVIRI): Report on the MVIRI FCDR: Uncertainty 2017

Frank Rüthrich, Emma Woolliams, Yves Govaerts, Ralf Quast, Jonathan Mittaz

Dataset specific  
D2.2 (AVHRR): Report on the AVHRR FCDR uncertainty 2017

Michael Taylor, Jonathan Mittaz, Marine Desmons, Emma Woolliams

Dateset specific  
HIRS quick start easyFCDR_v1


MVIRI quick start easyFCDR_v2a