FIDUCEO tutorials are given below.

What is a measurement function?

Why the measurement function is important and how it forms the basis of uncertainty analysis. Introducing the uncertainty analysis tree as a way to visualise uncertainties.

Sensitivity coefficients, errors and uncertainty

Looking at the differences between errors and uncertainty and how a sensitivity coefficient converts uncertainties in effects to uncertainties in the measurand.

Considering sources of uncertainty/effects

What are effects? An example uncertainty analysis tree. How do we think about effects and what do we need to know about them to combine uncertainties?

The origin of error correlation

Where does error correlation come from? Different correlation structures.

Evaluating error correlation

Following on from understanding the origins or error correlation, this tutorial discusses practical ways of estimating the error correlation.

Introduction to the effects table

We look at how we can record the information for each effect in a structured way, in order to propagate uncertainties.