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AVHRR is a passive infrared radiometer with 6 channels measuring in the visible and the infrared.  The first edition was launched on-board TIROS-N in 1978. The first edition covered by the FIDUCEO AVHRR FCDR is AVHRR/1 launched on NOAA-06 1979. In line with the FIDUCEO deliverable, the Easy FCDR spans the years 1982—2016.

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AVHRR 1.0  

v1.0 of the FIDUCEO AVHRR FCDR is archived at CEDA.

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Table 1 presents an overview of the AVHRR instruments covered by FIDUCEO.

Table 1: AVHRR editions covered by FIDUCEO


Generation Satellite Start End
AVHRR/2 NOAA-11/H 1988-09-24 1995-03-10
AVHRR/2 NOAA-12/D 1991-09-16 1998-12-14
AVHRR/2 NOAA-13 Launch failure
AVHRR/2 NOAA-14/J 1995-01-01 2002-10-07
AVHRR/3 NOAA-15/K 1998-05-13 2010-12-31
AVHRR/3 NOAA-16/L 2000-10-01 2010-12-31
AVHRR/3 NOAA-17/M 2002-06-25 2010-12-31
AVHRR/3 NOAA-18/N 2005-05-20 2017-03-31
AVHRR/3 NOAA-19/P 2009-02-06 2017-03-31
AVHRR/3 MetOp-A 2006-10-30 2017-03-31

Note that this table corresponds to Level 1B input data used to generate the Level 1C Easy FCDR and is the “theoretical” instrument lifetime.

The 6 channels of AVHRR consist of 3 reflectance channels (Si and InGaAs detectors) and 3 infrared channels (InSb and HdCdTe detectors). While reflectance channel data processing is outside the remit of FIDUCEO, reflectance ratios are provided plus estimates of their independent and structured uncertainties. In this release, BTs are fully processed. Table 2 contains an overview of the channels covered by AVHRR.

Table 2: Overview of AVHRR channels.

Channel AVHRR/1 AVHRR/2 AVHRR/3 Detector
1 0.58-0.68 mm (VIS) 0.58-0.68 mm (VIS) 0.58-0.68 mm (VIS) Si
2 0.725-1.1 mm (NIR) 0.725-1.1 mm (NIR) 0.725-1.1 mm (NIR) Si
3A 1.58-1.64 mm (NIR) InGaAs
3B 3.55-3.93 mm (MIR) 3.55-3.93 mm (MIR) 3.55-3.93 mm (MIR) InSb
4 10.50-11.50 mm (TIR) 10.30-11.30 mm (TIR) 10.30-11.30 mm (TIR) HgCdTe
5 11.5-12.5 mm (TIR) 11.5-12.5 mm (TIR) HgCdTe