Sentence Processing

Our research in sentence processing investigates the cognitive processes that underlie successful language comprehension. We have particular interests in syntactic parsing, linguistic dependency resolution and the role of memory access in successful sentence and discourse comprehension. Much of our research in sentence processing overlaps with our work in Bi-/Multilingualism, and examines language comprehension in different populations of speakers, especially bilinguals and other non-native language users. Our work into the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language also utilises EEG/ERG to investigate the electrophysiology of sentence processing.

The lab is equipped with an SR Research Eyelink 1000 eye-tracker for investigating language comprehension during reading and listening, as well as a portable Tobii X120 eye-tracker. We also have a Brain Products actiCAP EEG system for running ERP experiments, as well as computers and cubicles for behavioural testing.

Representative Publications
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