Academic Staff

Dr Ian Cunnings (
(Google Scholar, Open Science Framework)

Areas of Interest: Psycholinguistics, especially sentence and discourse comprehension; Eye-tracking during reading and listening; Memory retrieval during language comprehension; First and second language acquisition; Multilingualism

Dr Christos Pliatsikas (
(Google Scholar, Lab Blog)

Areas of Interest: the effects of bi-/multilingualism and the experience of learning additional languages on brain structure and function; behavioural and MRI techniques; native-like achievement in morphological and syntactic processing by second language learners

Prof. Doug Saddy (
(Google Scholar)

Areas of Interest: Typical and atypical language processing; Typical and atypical language acquisition; Theoretical linguistics; Cognitive Neurodynamics and Neuroscience; Analysis and computational modelling of brain signals

Prof. Ludovica Serratrice (
(Google Scholar)

Areas of Interest: Language development; Discourse-pragmatics and reference; Processing of complex syntactic constructions in school-age children; Metalinguistic awareness in multilingual children; Sentence processing in adult bilinguals

Dr George Pontikas (

Areas of Interest: Psycholinguistics; language acquisition and language impairment; bilingualism and multilingualism; language processing and syntactic complexity; eye-tracking during language comprehension