Caitlin Lewis

Scenario supported my research directly by providing courses on coding, but what I valued most from Scenario were the opportunities for policy and science-communication focused training. The knowledge I gained from these training courses, plus support from the Scenario team, helped me to secure a three-month fellowship with the House of Commons.

Rana Ozturk

Doing my PhD with Scenario has opened up so many doors to me that would be unavailable were I not part of this DTP. The ability to take part in training organised by ZSL and CEH have advanced my skills as a researcher as well as made me consider different avenues.

Rose Foster

Scenario offers many opportunities for personal development that extends way beyond a standard PhD experience. By engaging with these additional activities, both social and training, I’ve really enjoyed my first year. I can recommend the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out.

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