Beckett Forum

The Beckett Forum is a working group run by the Beckett at Reading Postgraduates (BARP) group. Its purpose is to enable researchers to discuss topics of interest, and/or present and share their work in a supportive and constructive environment. The Forum meets regularly at the University of Reading and actively welcomes visiting scholars, including those consulting the archival material in the Beckett Collection. Postgraduate researchers who are nearing the end of their PhDs are given the opportunity to present on larger aspects of their theses (a chapter for example) to discuss their work in the run up to their oral examinations.

If you would like to join the group for a session and co-ordinate this with a visit to the Beckett Collection, or to meet-up socially with other Beckett scholars, please contact Dr Michela Bariselli and Amin Fatemi, the Forum administrators:

Michela Bariselli –
Amin Fatemi –