Past postgraduate projects

Former Postgraduate Projects


  • Giovanna Vincenti: Psycho-pathologies in James Joyce and Samuel Beckett
  • Ekaterina Gosteva: ‘Metaphysical Comedy: Beckett and Dostoevsky’


  • Will Davies: Beckett and Posthumanism
  • Niamh Bowe: Early Phenomenology and the aesthetics of suffering in Samuel Beckett's non-prose work.
    Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and part of the University of Reading's Collections-Based Research programme.
  • Michaela Bariselli: ‘Beckett’s Philosophy of Humour’.
  • Lucy Jeffery: ‘Beckett: Art, Music and the Creative Process’.


  • Matthew McFrederick: A Historiography of London Productions of Samuel Beckett's Drama.
    Part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Staging Beckett project.


  • Helen Bailey: Music and Spirituality in the Works of Samuel Beckett.
    Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.


  • Sarah-Jane Scaife: The Culturally Inscribed Body and Spaces of Performance in Samuel Beckett's Theatre


  • Tatyana Hramova: ‘The Poetics of Names in Samuel Beckett’s Texts’ (AHRC PhD studentship).