Creative Fellowships

In recognition of Beckett's living legacies within the creative arts, the University of Reading's Samuel Beckett Research Centre hosts a series of Creative Fellowships, enabling leading writers, performers, artists, and musicians to develop new projects and insights through unique access to and engagement with the University's archival resources and Beckett specialists.

The Samuel Beckett Research Centre also collaborates with the School of English at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in partnership with The Library of TCD, Trinity Long Room Hub, and Trinity Centre for Beckett Studies to coordinate The Beckett Creative Fellowships at Trinity.  This year we are delighted to announce Niamh Campbell and Nathan O’Donnell as the inaugural Beckett Creative Fellows at Trinity this academic year, 2022-23. Through the fellowships at Reading and Trinity the rich collection of archival materials mapping Beckett’s creative process are made available to writers and artists, so that Beckett’s archive becomes a practical and inspiring creative workshop.

Eimear McBride
Creative Fellow, 2017-18

Hannah Khalil
Creative Fellow, 2020-21

Simon Okotie
Creative Fellow, 2022-23

Tim Parkinson
Creative Fellow, 2018-19

Duncan Campbell
Creative Fellow, 2020-21

Robert McCrum
Creative Fellow, 2019-20

Claire-Louise Bennett
Creative Fellow, 2022-23