The Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM) and the Centre for Book Cultures and Publishing (CBCP) are delighted to invite you to our annual public lecture celebrating International Mother Language Day at the University of Reading. Dr Sophie Heywood will be giving a talk entitled ‘Children’s Literature in Translation: a window into the cultural changes of ’68’. For more information please see below, or read our flyer for the event.

This online event is free and open to all. Please register your interest to receive a personal invitation:


Children’s Literature in Translation: a window into the cultural changes of ’68

Dr Sophie Heywood

Books play an important role in our understanding of how society changes, both at the time of the change and in the long view of historical events. In this public lecture Dr Sophie Heywood will illustrate how the global upheaval caused by the protest movements of 1968 fuelled an explosion of radical creativity in children’s literature. By tracing the journeys of key books such as Where the Wild Things Are and The Little Red Schoolbook as they travelled across different countries, Dr Heywood will explore the crucial role that translations and cultural exchange played in the ‘children’s ’68’. How did concepts of what was ‘radical’ in children’s books change across time, place and context? And what were the long-term legacies of this watershed moment on children’s culture in Europe?