by Inês Moura Martins/ Rhona Phipps

The 2nd FIDUCEO workshop took place in sunny Lisbon from 25th to 27th June 2019.

The workshop started with a training session on concepts of metrology for earth observation, led by Dr. Emma Woolliams, of the National Physical Laboratory (UK) and included ipython demos led by Dr Sam Hunt, NPL.

Chris Merchant, Isabel Trigo and Emma Woolliams chaired the four sessions of the workshop, focusing on production of Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDR); deriving Climate Data Records (CDR) from FCDR; long-term stability of FCDR and CDR; and application of new methods to climate and environmental data record creation.

The sessions included presentations from invited speakers and researchers from universities, national meteorology services, research laboratories and private enterprises from Europe and the US, as well as from ECMWF and EUMETSAT.

On Tuesday, the 50 participants engaged in scientific discussion over a poster session. Networking opportunities also included a hosted rooftop cocktail and dinner on Wednesday.

The workshop was organized by the FIDUCEO team and hosted by IPMA.