Introduction to the effects table

Recapping what we need to know to combine effects

As we saw in the video above, and in previous recipes in this cookbook, there are three pieces of information that we need in order to combine effects:

  • The uncertainty associated with the effect
  • The sensitivity coefficient, which allows us to propagate uncertainties associated with that effect to uncertainties associated with the measurand
  • The error correlation structure over spatial, temporal and spectral dimensions for this effect

At this point, we have examined each of these pieces of information. Now, we will look at how we can record these pieces of information for each effect in a structured way in order to propagate uncertainties. In this recipe, we will:

  • Introduce the effects table
  • See how FIDUCEO codifies descriptors within the effects table
  • See how we can fill in an effects table for an example effect

Let’s move on to examine the first of these points on the next page.