Members of the lab were at the CoNSALL conference in Bangor last week presenting their work on the cognitive neuroscience of second language acquisition. Lab members had two talks and two poster presentations.

Christos Pliatsikas. Understanding structural plasticity in the multilingual brain: The Dynamic Restructuring Model.

Vince DeLuca, Jason Rothman, Ellen Bialystok and Christos Pliatsikas. Bilingualism is a Spectrum: Effects of specific language experiences on brain function and executive control in bilinguals.

Toms Voits, Holly Robson, Jason Rothman and Christos Pliatsikas. Beyond dementia: interaction of bilingualism and neurodegeneration.

Christos Pliatsikas, Vince DeLuca, Lotte Meteyard and Michael Ullman. Bilingualism interacts with age-related cortical thinning in children and adolescents.

In their free time between presentations, the guys also visited the famous small Welsh town with a very long name.