A number of members of the lab have recently been in and/or currently are in the USA presenting their work at GASLA and CUNY 2019. In total, lab members are involved in eight presentations at these two conferences.

CUNY 2019
Chaouch Orozco, A., González Alonso, J. & Rothman, J. Word frequency and the elusiveness of the L2-L1 (masked) translation priming effect. Poster presentation.
Cheng, Y., Cunnings, I. Rothman, J. Ambiguity processing in English natives and non-natives. Poster presentation.
Fujita, H. & Cunnings, I. Lingering misinterpretation in garden-path sentences in native and non-native speakers. Poster presentation.
Fujita, H. & Cunnings, I. Effects of misanalysed filler-gap dependencies in L1 and L2 language comprehension. Poster presentation.
González Alonso, J., Alemán Bañón, J., DeLuca, V., Miller, D., Pereira Soares, S., Puig Mayenco, E., Slaats, S. & Rothman, J. ERPs and artificial mini-grammars in third language transfer/learning. Poster presentation.

GASLA 2019
Cunnings, I. Working memory in second language sentence comprehension. Invited keynote presentation.
Chaouch Orozco, A. & González Alonso, J. The role of frequency on the activation of L2 non-cognate words: Exploring the masked priming asymmetry effect. Oral presentation.
Lloyd-Smith, A., Bayram, F., Iverson, M., Kupisch, T. & Rothman, J. Untangling the source of differences in heritage language acquisition. Oral presentation.