Virtual CUNY kicks off today, and members of the lab are involved in five poster presentations. You can check them out from the comfort of your own self-isolation at the virtual poster sessions by using the links below.

Chaouch-Orozco, A., González Alonso, J. & Rothman, J. (2020). Word frequency, proficiency and L2 exposure/use in masked translation priming. (Thursday Poster Session)

Cheng, Y., Rothman, J., Schlueter, Z., Miller, D. & Cunnings, I. (2020). ERPs reveal that quantification matters for both L1 and L2 processing of subject-verb agreement: English natives and Chinese L2ers compared. (Friday Poster Session)

Fujita, H. (2020). Reanalysis processes. (Friday Poster Session)

Fujita, H. & Cunnings, I. (2020). Lingering misinterpretation in L1 and L2 sentence processing: Evidence from structural priming. (Saturday Poster Session)

Gyorgy, D., Ali, L., Bavelier, D., Kotz, S, Saddy, D., Sorace, A. & Franck, J. (2020). Rhythmic priming of structure processing. (Saturday Poster Session)