Virtual COM2020 kicks off today and past and present members of the lab are involved in several presentations. Current lab members are involved in two talks and eight posters. Anyone (attendee or not) can check out our posters via the COM2020 OSF Repository or by using the links below.

Arpita Bose, Yesi Cheng, Ranita Nandi, Aparna Dutt, Abhijeet Patra and Niladri Dash. Narrative production characteristics in Bengali-English bilinguals with post-stroke aphasia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Christos Pliatsikas, Lotte Meteyard, Joao Verissimo, Vincent Deluca and Michael Ullman. The effects of bilingualism on brain development from early childhood to young adulthood

Tuesday Posters
Hiroki Fujita and Ian Cunnings. Syntactic ambiguity and misinterpretation in non-native sentence processing: evidence from structural priming.

Toms Voits, Holly Robson, Jason Rothman and Christos Pliatsikas. The effects of bilingualism on the structure of the hippocampus and on memory performance in ageing bilinguals.

Fraibet Aveledo, Yolanda Higueras, Arpita Bose, Christos Pliatsikas and Theo Marinis. Bilingualism effect on executive control in Multiple Sclerosis patients.

Wednesday Posters
Hiroki Fujita, Yesi Cheng and Ian Cunnings. Structural constraints and prediction in non-native sentence processing: evidence from pronoun resolution.

Adel Chaouch-Orozco, Jorge González Alonso and Jason Rothman. Potential proxies of subjective word frequency and its effects on masked translation priming.

Anamaria Bentea and Theodoros Marinis. Processing and production of multiple wh-questions in Romanian heritage children.

Yesi Cheng, Jason Rothman, Ian Cunnings, Zoe Schlueter and David Miller. Neurophysiology of syntactic and lexical processing in L1 and L2: ERP evidence from unquantified vs. quantified non-local agreement violations.

Thursday Posters
Shatha Alaskar. Feature reassembly of morphosyntactic and semantic features in L2 acquisition of aspect by Arabic and English speakers: a bidirectional study.