Lab Manual: MRI Procedure

6. MRI Procedure (Back to Lab Manual Index)

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Setting up an MRI Study

6.3 Becoming a Certified MRI User


6.1 Introduction

This page sets out the procedure for setting up an MRI study and becoming a certified MRI user. All lab members conducting MRI studies must complete MRI user certification before they begin their study.


6.2 Setting up an MRI Study

1. Meet with MRI facility manager to discuss grant proposal/intended study.

2. Prepare study plan with help from the MRI Operations Officer and relevant RFIF staff.

a. For a grant proposal, submission via relevant Research Division.

b. For a PhD studentship, submission to the PGR directors.

3. Submit study plan for approval using Calpendo system.

4. Receive feedback and one of:

a. Approval to commence study

b. Request for further details

5. Pilot testing on 1-2 participants.

6. Commence study.


6.3 Becoming a Certified MRI User

Before MRI Authorised Person status can be conferred, a person must undergo the following training and testing. All documents and videos are available by the MRI operations manager:

1. Training in First Aid (to the level of “appointed persons.”) The certificate must be renewed as applicable, so it is always valid.

2. Basic fire training.

3. Training in removing an unconscious participant from the controlled area.

4. Viewing the current Siemens safety video, as well as an additional MRI safety webinar.

5. Reading the Safety Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment in Clinical Use (March 2015) and updates of these guidelines published by the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

6. Studying all relevant risk assessment forms (provided by the MRI Safety Committee or the CINN Manager.)

7. Thoroughly reading the MRI Rules of Operation and successfully completing a written test, to be administered by the MRI Safety Committee, covering the rules and procedures in that document.

8. Persons who satisfy the above requirements but have little or no practical experience with the MRI scanner will initially be given Probationary Status. Such persons will become fully authorised persons when then have been present at 10 scans.


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