Post-doctoral Centre Fellow



  • Beckett Research Centre Postdoctoral Fellow


My research looks at Beckett’s interest in and use of classical music and visual arts. In 2019/20 I compiled a catalogue for the audio-visual materials held at the Beckett Archive in Reading. I also edited interviews with practitioners for the Staging Beckett Project (available online). My first monograph on Beckett will be published this year (2021). As well publishing research on Beckett, I have also published on the work of Harold Pinter, Ezra Pound, Ingeborg Bachmann, and Magda Szabó. If anyone is interested in these areas within Beckett Studies and would like to get in touch, please do so.


  1. Transdisciplinary Beckett: Visual Arts, Music, and the Creative Process (Stuttgart: ibidem Press, 2021) (available to pre-order).

  2. "Words and Music 'or some other trouble': Vaguening on the Airwaves" in Beckett and Technology eds. Mark Nixon, Galina Kiryushina, and Einat Adar (Edinburgh UP, forthcoming 2021).

  3. "Beckett and the Visual Arts" in The Oxford Handbook on Samuel Beckett eds. Mark Nixon and Dirk Van Hulle (Oxford: OUP, 2022) (in press)

    • 'A New Poetics of Space: Literary Walks in Times of Pandemics and Climate Crisis': Special Issue for Green Letters (September, 2022).


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As well as organising conferences and workshops in Reading, Aberystwyth, and Sweden, I have delivered papers on my research at international conferences & seminars.

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I have designed several websites showcasing the impact of research projects and have lectured in literature and theatre at the universities of Swansea, Reading, Mid Sweden, and Nottingham. At Reading, I led the Beckett Reading Group from 2017-19. I was also the postdoctoral researcher on the AHRC funded project ‘User Not Found: Social Media Technology in Immersive Performance’ and contributed to ‘Staging Beckett’. Having organised the international conference 'A New Poetics of Space: Literary Walks in Times of Pandemics and Climate Change', I am currently working on a special issue on the tradition of the literary walk.