The Annual Beckett International Foundation Research Seminar took place on 18th April 2009.

David Tucker, University of Sussex, traced the presence of the philosopher Geulincx in Beckett's work during the 1940s.

Sean Lawlor, University of Reading, identified some verses Beckett sent to his inamorata Nuala Costello as the text of 'Seats of honour', a poem otherwise only known by its title.

Antonia Rodriguez-Gago, University Autonimo of Madrid, who has translated many of Beckett's works into Spanish maintained the international tradition of these seminars in a paper that discussed the difficulties of finding appropriate cultural references to translate Beckett's literary allusions.

Shane Weller, University of Kent, offered a convincing reading of Endgame as a staging of Freud's theory of the anal-sadistic phase.